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Our Story

eco tattoo supplies is the brainchild of eco conscious tattoo couple Turumakina & Ifyrefini 


Operating from our solar powered studio on the Gold Coast of Australia, we adopted a holistic & spiritual way of life with our children and our work.

The plastic waste that goes with each client setup is massive and especially being artists where our designs are heavily based off the intelligence of nature and Mama Gaia and her children, it is even more important that we practice ethical and sustainable tattooing.


So 5 years ago, we decided to be the change we desperately need in the tattoo industry. We spent months researching sustainable tattoo supplies to use in our studio and have been using them since. However we found it difficult to order consistently from many different sources. Hence the idea came up to create a one stop shop for all your biodegradable tattoo supply needs. 

Intentional tattooing calls for responsible tattooing. 

Make the switch today to become an eco tattooist.
We got you covered fams!

Much blessings and love
Tu & Ify

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