Eco Sample Pack (21pcs)


    The products we offer at Eco Tattoo Supplies are made from naturally derived, plant based and renewable materials. They are an alternative for their single use, fossil fuel derived plastic counterparts. Using our products will minimise your environment impact while tattooing, protecting the planet one tattoo at a time. 

    The sample pack consists of:

    • 2 x Eco Clip Cord Sleeves
    • 2 x Eco Bottle Covers
    • 2 x Eco Machine/Power Supply Bags
    • 2 x Eco Razors
    • 2 x Eco Expandable Wipes
    • 2 x Eco Bin Liners
    • 2 x Eco Tongue Depressors
    • 2 x Eco Ink Caps
    • 2 x Eco Bibs
    • 2 x Rinse Cups
    • 1 x Eco Grip Tape

    The pack contains 21 pieces and FREE SHIPPING!! 
    Please note that at checkout you will still be charged for shipping, however we will refund the shipping fee provided this is the only item you order.

    // Landfill Biodegradable
    // Made out of plant based renewable materials